Beard Tips

Top 5 Tips for growing a beard

  • Push through the difficult stages and no no growth stages... Tough times never last!
  • Have your barber trim down your beard and show a line to give direction to your beard.
  • Have the right supplies - get yourself some Beard Kings Beard Oil and Brushes to grow and nurture your beard. 
  • Take progress pictures to show how far you have come. Looking at yourself in the mirror each day will make you not notice your beard growth.

**BONUS TIP** - Get yourself a good barber who is Crisp, Clean and Precise with their lines...You may have the che*t on your barber in order to do this!

Mistakes to avoid:
  • When starting out using new products on your face, especially oils ensure your skin is suitable for the products as oils can make you break out.
  • Using a hard brush on virgin skin can cause irritation, use a soft brush especially on areas with new hairs.
  • DO NOT OVER WASH YOUR BEARD. Maximum 3 times per week, over washing causes hairs to dry out, loss of moisture and increases dandruff.